Fisher & Paykel ICON Premo Fixed Pressure Machine

The Icon Premo offers a fixed pressure CPAP machine with a contemporary design for a home appliance feel. Integrated with comprehensive technologies, including SensAwake, integrated humidifier and an alarm clock with personalized music, the Icon Premo maximises comfort and efficiency.

From: $1,495.00 From: $895.00


Fisher & Paykel ICON Premo fixed CPAP unit includes the following features;

  • ThermoSmart technology for superior humidification
  • in-built humidifier
  • SensAwake pressure relief technology
  • Comprehensive sleep data reporting capabilities
  • ramp
  • Digital clock
  • Alarm Clock
  • 2 yr manufacturer warranty


  • Heated Flexible tubing
  • Water chamber
  • User manual
  • Carrying case
  • Replacement foam filter
  • Power cord and power supply

Product Description

ThermoSmart Technology

Delivering custom humidity levels through a heated breathing tube, the ThermoSmart Technology reduces condensation by tracking room temperature.  This offers greater user comfort, improving total sleep time and sleep quality.

SensAwake Technology

A pressure relief technology, SensAwake detects respiration irregularity and automatically reduces pressure in order to keep users asleep for longer and improving quality of sleep.

Data Reporting

Using InfoUSB Technology, The Icon Auto records up to 365 days of reporting with compliance statistics easily viewed on the ICON’s screen.

Additional Information

Support Package

None, Phone & onsite support for the life of machine $250

Warranty Option

None, 5 years Extended Warranty $150


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