Fisher & Paykel Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow Mask (one-size fits all)

The Pilairo receives its Q due to its quietness, where developed for its patient satisfaction and comfort, it is one of the lightest CPAP pillow masks available.

$275.00 $169.00


Light weight design and Q cover

With no bulky headgear or frame, the Pilairo Q is flexible and lightweight ensuring no obstruction for normal activities such as reading. The Q cover adds an extra diffuser to reduce noise and minimize draft.

AirPillow Seal

The one-size nasal pillow self-inflates to create an effective seal yet still be gentle due to its ability to be flexible to movement.

Headgear options

There are two options provided for headgear. Firstly, adjustable honeeadgears that allow sizing adjustments to ensure a customized fit or secondly a stretch wise headgear which automatically adjusts to the user for a comfortable fit that is quick and easy.


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