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CPAP Therapist support package

CPAP Therapist troubleshooting and educational package


This CPAP Therapist support package provides technical support for your CPAP equipment for the life of your current machine. You can contact our experienced CPAP Therapists on the phone or visit them at Sydney Sleep Centre as much as you need to so that you can get the most out of your CPAP equipment. Our CPAP Therapists are very experienced at assisting with good mask fits, managing mask leak, explaining the settings on your machine, and adjusting your machines settings (e.g humidity settings). They can communicate with your treating Specialist or GP if needed about pressure changes.

This support package is for patients who already have CPAP equipment but do not have any CPAP Therapists to assist them. It is not a package to trial a CPAP machine on a hire basis to commence therapy. If you wish to hire a CPAP machine for an initial treatment trial, please contact Sydney Sleep Centre in Macquarie Street, Sydney on 9252 6144.


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